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About the Garden

Established in 1988, its maintenance and organic preservation is made possible by grants, community donations, fund raising and the garden volunteers.  


It is designed as a number of themed spaces with a beautiful assortment of trees, shrubs, flowers and grassed areas, which give a feeling of relaxed serenity throughout.

Some examples are:
Water Garden – a pond with plantings in and around it
Rose Garden – showcasing beautiful roses and underplanting
Walled Garden – featuring recent blue and white planting
Wicking beds - a demonstration of water saving for vegetable gardens.


As there are no harsh boundaries between the themed plantings, the whole feel is

one of relaxed, calm serenity.

Our Philosophy

The garden is nurtured and tended “organically", using only pure organic substances and friendly predators while avoiding manmade chemicals and pesticides. 

Our Current Garden

Over time, the Organic Garden has transformed from a garden of technology demonstrating permaculture and self-sufficiency to it’s present form of rambling beauty.  


            [To enlarge - click on map]

Our History

The land which the garden occupies was once owned by a wonderful gardener named Katherine Crofts and her family.  Later the land ownership transferred to the W.A. Department of Education.  The building on the site, Mannsfield House, is named after the old group settlement house that the family lived in during the 1920′s and 30′s.  Katherine’s inspiration and love of plants is still reflected throughout the garden.


The garden was started in 1988 as The Margaret River Alternative Technology Centre with thw aim of educating and encouraging local families to grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers in an environmentally friendly manner. 


For more History click here



[To enlarge - click on map]

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